Cannelli Printing Company in West Haven CT


Cannelli Printing started off as a small letterpress shop in 1911. Much has changed since then, but our commitment to our customers remains as strong as ever. Take a stroll down memory lane with us.

1911 – Antonio Cannelli opened Cannelli Printing on Wooster Street in New Haven, CT. All letterpress was done on a Golding Printing Press.

1946 – Antonio Cannelli’s son, Victor Cannelli joins the company.

1948 – Purchased our first Kluge for automatic letterpress and die cutting.

1950’s – Started printing offset on a 1250 Multilith offset press, printing in 1-color.

1960 – Added a T-51 attachment for the 1250 Multilith that allowed us to print in 2-colors.

1966 – Moved from Wooster Street to Laura Street in New Haven, CT into a brand new 2,000 square foot building.

1979 – Anthony Cannelli, the third generation, joins the company.

1980 – Purchased 2 Kluges for foil stamping.

1985 – Added 2,000 square feet to our building to accommodate the growing business.

1990 – Started receiving request for tabs. Purchased tabbing equipment.

1992 – Purchased 2 more Kluges to keep up with increased demand for foil stamping and die cutting.

1995 – Building is too small again. Added another 2,000 square feet to total 6,000 square feet.

2000 – Made our first big purchase – a new Komori Lithrone 20×28, 4-color offset press.

2004 – We are now direct to plate, chemistry free.

2005 – Acquired an engraving company and 4 engraving presses.

2009 – Our 6,000 square foot building is too small. We can’t add on any more space so we decided to move to a 20,000 square foot building in West Haven, CT.

2010 – Purchased a Brausse for large-format die cutting, foil stamping and embossing.

2011 – Replaced our original Komori with a brand new Komori Lithrone 23×29.875, 5-color with Aqueous Coating.

2012 – Due to customer demand we purchased a few more Kluges to bring our grand total to 9.

2013 – Expanded our finishing department with a Moll folder/gluer for pocket folders and custom packaging.

2014 – Purchased a new booklet maker.

2015 – At 18 years old, Anthony Cannelli Jr. (AJ) starts learning the trade during his summer break.

2016 – Purchased a Bobst SP 102-E Autoplaten die cutter. The Bobst is a large format die cutter that can die cut a maximum size sheet of 28×40.
Also in 2016, we added digital printing to our growing list of capabilities with an HP Indigo Press.