Cannelli Printing Company in West Haven CT

So I know we are late to the game, like really late, but our recent addition of an HP Indigo Press has caused us to fall in love with digital printing. The HP Indigo delivers the highest of offset quality on a wide-range of substrates with a quicker turnaround time than offset and at a lower price for smaller quantities.

Benefits of Digital Printing at Cannelli Printing

HP Indigo supports the widest-in-class substrate range including paperboard, synthetics, label stock and plastic. Uncoated stock ranges from 40# text up to 120# cover. Coated stock ranges from 55# text up to 120# cover.
All stocks used on the Indigo should be HP certified – meaning that the surface chemistry of the stock is compatible to HP Indigo ElectronInk. Using non-certified stock could result in poor ink adhesion.
Only one formulation of HP Indigo ElectroInk is needed to print on any compatible substrate which allows for rapid switching between substrates.
The maximum sheet size is 13 x 19 with a maximum image area of 12.12 x 17.7.

HP Indigo’s liquid electrophotography (LEP) technology is the only variable imaging printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality of conventional offset printing. The accurate placement on the substrate of tiny dots with well-defined edges and almost no background contamination enables HP Indigo LEP to achieve exceptional print quality.
The use of ink and not toner is what sets the Indigo apart from all the other digital presses. Running uncoated paper stock through most digital press will look shiny and like it’s been coated. That will not happen on an Indigo. Because the Indigo uses ink and not toner, we can run uncoated sheets through the custom press and there will be no shine.

Variable Data
Variable Data Printing (VDP) is the customization of text and or images from one piece to the next. VDP can be used for direct marketing and self-mailers. Variable data allows you to customize and target the message to each recipient.

Turn-around time
The HP Indigo process is fully digital from image creation to custom printing. There are no plates, no plate mounting, no mixing ink and very little press waste. At Cannelli Printing, our digital jobs can print, cut and fold and ship the same day, without sacrificing quality.

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