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Embossing and Debossing are the processes of creating either raised or recessed images. Embossing requires an etched metal die (female) and a matching counter die (male). The paper stock is pressed between the heated die and the counter and the image is pressed into the back of the stock to create a raised image. The same process is used to indent or deboss the paper. Both processes can be achieved using a one level die or a multi level die. A one level die will produce a raised, flat look and a multi level die has a 3-D look with many levels.

Embossing without using ink or foil is called blind embossing. Combination stamping involves foil stamping and embossing with a combination die, one pass through the press.

Register embossing involves embossing to a printed image. This is the most difficult form of embossing because it requires registering exactly to the printing.


Design Tips:
Die prices are based on image size and detail. It’s always best to share your artwork with us, so we can provide accurate pricing. We prefer to use paper stock with some tooth, so when we emboss or deboss it flattens out the paper and makes the artwork more obvious.

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