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Film Lamination primarily refers to creating strong adhesive bonds between the films. To apply these adhesives, multiple coating technologies present a variety of ways for application from emulsions or/to solutions.

Cannelli Printing’s Autobond Double Sided Laminator

Our Autobond 2-sided Laminator adds a unique and protective covering to all types of printed products. With a built-in de-curler, we guarantee that your stock will remain flat regardless of stock thickness. The science behind this machine is quite simple. It uses heat (210°-250°) and significant pressure that no other laminator can compare to in order to permanently adhere the laminate to the sheet. With this new piece of technology, we have virtually eliminated the issue of silvering. As you can see below, silvering occurs when little pockets of air are unable to escape while the film is being applied to the sheet. This problem arises when there is a lack of pressure between the heated chrome roller and rubber impression roller. This machine is capable of laminating both offset and digitally printed sheets.

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We're capable of laminating a variety of sizes from 12''x18'' up until 30''x41'' in different weights from 80lb text to 24pt and a wide range of finishing options: Gloss, matte, anti-scuff matte, soft touch, textured laminates and other specialty films.

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