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Foil stamping also known as hot stamping or leaf stamping is the process of mounting a die on a platen and heating the die. When the die presses against the foil, the heat releases the colored layer from the foil and binds it to the end product. Foil stamping is considered flat printing, meaning you will not see a raised impression. Foil and Embossing are often used in combination to create a raised look. Foil colors are available in a variety of standard shades, including metallic colors and in matte or glossy finish. Specialty foils are available in holographic patterns, scratch-off, tinted and pearl. Holographic foil gives you a multi-dimensional look. Scratch-off foil is used for security purposes like on a gift card or credit card and can be used for promotional purposes. Tinted foil can be used in combination with blind embossing to give your artwork extra dimension. Pearl foil will give you a subtle pearlized sheen.

Design Tips:
Type size is important when designing for foil. Type that is too small tends to plug up or fill in. Type that is too large can cause the foil to not adhere to portions of the design.

Paper stock can also affect the appearance of foil. We will work with you to determine what will work best for your needs.

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