Cannelli Printing Company in West Haven CT


Edge Color / Gilding

The process of edge coloring is one of the most highly guarded secrets in the printing industry. Edge coloring is used when you are looking for an extra pop of color. Edge coloring is available in standard colors as well as metallic colors. Edge gilding is a delicate process of applying a colored foil leaf to the edge of a printed piece. Color choices for edge gilding are available in metallic, standard foil colors and holographic colors. Edge coloring and gilding are mostly done on business cards and custom invitations.


We also offer gluing services on our B&R Moll gluer-folder. Pocket folders, envelopes are glued and folded using hot permanent glue. Fugitive glue can be applied to a self-mailer in place of a wafer seal.


If you are looking for an extra thick business card or invitation, we can glue two sheets together to form a duplex sheet. This is a good option when using letterpress or engraving on both sides of the sheet and you don’t want to see the impression showing through.

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