Cannelli Printing Company in West Haven CT

Digital Printing

So I know we are late to the game, like really late, but our recent addition of an HP Indigo Press has caused us to fall in love with digital printing. The HP Indigo delivers the highest of offset quality on a wide-range of substrates with a quicker turnaround time than offset and at a […]

Presentation Folders

Our new Bobst SP 102-E Autoplaten die cutter has been installed and is now up and running. This large-format die cutter is made for speed, running at 8500/hour with a maximum sheet size of 28×40. Check out the Cannelli Printing die cutter in action. We can die cut pocket folders 2-up, cutting production time in […]

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is considered the oldest form of printing services. It’s a labor-intensive process that produces a stunning tactile result. Letterpress is like debossing but with ink. When you are looking at letterpress you should be able to see a definite indentation in the paper stock. All of our letterpress printing is done on a […]

New Addition – Large Format Die cutter

We are excited to announce the recent acquisition of a Bobst SP 102-E Autoplaten die cutter. The Bobst is a large format die cutter that can die cut a maximum size sheet of 28×40. This fully-automatic press die cuts at 8500/hour. We will be posting more pics and video soon.        

Coating Options

Print coatings are used primarily to protect press sheets but they can also be used to create various visual effects. Aqueous coating is a clear protective coating that prevents scratching, fingerprints and scuffing. This water-based coating is applied in-line and is available in gloss, high- gloss, dull and matte finish. AQ can be applied to […]

Wedding Invites – Helpful Tips

If you are getting married this spring or summer – it’s time to start thinking about your wedding invites. Use your invites to get your guests excited about the event and set the tone for the most important day in your life. 5 Most common questions brides ask regarding wedding invitations. How far in advance […]

Specialty services

As the printing industry has evolved, so do our custom CT printing products and services. We continue to add new printing services to meet our customers needs. Here’s a quick overview of some of the specialty printing services that we offer. Edge coloring and Gilding are super popular at the moment. Edge coloring involves painting […]

2020 Holiday Card

Many hours were spent going back and forth about design/paper stock/technique for our 2020 Holiday Card. We changed our minds countless times and realized that we are our own worst customer. Our goal is to always feature some of our specialty printing offerings and this year we decided to feature engraving – particularly gold engraving. […]

Die cut invitations

Die cutting is a great way to completely customize your design and stand out from the crowd. We recently did a job for one of our customers that was super cute and creative. The project was an invite to a B’not Mitzvah – which consisted of printing CMYK on 130# uncoated cover with a custom die […]